A delegation from Mountcrest University College (MCU) led by the Founder and Rector, Mr. Kwaku Ansa-Asare, on 19th November, 2018, visited the residence of the late Reverend Professor Elom Dovlo at Legon in Accra, to commiserate with his family.

Rev. Prof. Dovlo, who passed away on Monday, 5th November, 2018, had been a former Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and Director of Quality Assurance at the University College. He retired from the institution on 30th March, 2018, after six years of service.

At the residence, Mr. Kwaku Ansa-Asare fondly recounted his days in Legon Hall at the University of Ghana, where Prof. Dovlo was already a senior student and how they both used to enjoy student politics. He said though Prof. Dovlo was older than him, Prof. was always ready and willing to listen to his junior colleagues and share ideas with them.

He recalled Prof. Dovlo’s expression of eargeness and zeal when he (Ansa-Asare) informed him of his dream to establish Mountcrest University and his preparedness, when he called upon him, to help him build the school. “He did not hesitate to come around”, he said.

Mr. Ansa-Asare said though it was a big blow to him when Prof. Dovlo informed him earlier this year (2018), that he wanted to leave Mountcrest and go back to Legon, he knew it was the right thing to do as Prof. needed to be closer home because he had been unwell.

Mr. Ansa-Asare, Prof Dovlo and Mrs. Helena Ansa-Asare in a hearty hug

He assured the family that Mountcrest was ready to help them to lay Prof. to rest.

Responding, the head of the Dovlo family, Commander Dovlo (Rtd), said the family was grateful for the visit especially since it was a second visit. A first, smaller delegation had visited the house immediately after the death was announced.

Commander Dovlo briefed the delegation on preparations being made towards the funeral. According to the family, the first burial service had been fixed for 7.30 am on Friday, 14th December, 2018, at the Trinity Seminary College in Legon, Accra. Later in the evening, a vigil will be held at the Family House in Keta, Volta Region. Then on Saturday, 15th December, 2018 there will be another burial service at the Keta School Park. On Sunday, 16th December, a Thanksgiving Service would be held at the Global Evangelical Church in Keta.

A Book of Condolence which has been opened at the Legon residence, was signed by Mr. Ansa-Asare, Prof. Charles Kankam, Deputy Rector for Finance and Administration and Dr Samuel Akor, Director of Quality Assurance, all of Mountcrest University.

Dr. Samuel Akor signing the book of condolence


Prof. Charles signing the book of condolence